We have created the BEATRIZ print as a tribute to my grandmother. Each flower color was carefully chosen by members of my family, recalling the colors that she loved. This process has resulted in an exclusive print, full of meaning and emotional connection to a special person who is no longer physically with us.

Introducing the BEATRIZ Set, is a unique and luxurious find that redefines comfort and style. This meticulously crafted ensemble is a testament to the artistry of handmade fashion, offering an exclusive print that sets it apart from the ordinary.

The BEATRIZ Set features an elastic waistband, providing a comfortable and flexible fit that effortlessly complements your shape. The oversized shirt adds an element of relaxed elegance, creating a laid-back yet sophisticated look. 

The exclusive print, carefully designed for this set, adds a touch of luxury and individuality to each piece.

*Model wears Small (Measurements: 33-27-38 1/2 )

Handle your pieces with love: preferably hand wash and air dry; if not possible, then wash with cold water on a delicate cycle in the washing machine.

*No exchanges or returns will be accepted (refer to the Refund Policy), make sure you are clear with your size.

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